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Silver is a better investment than gold
Often I speak of gold. I do so because that's what will be what money is based on. That's what the media and everyone else will speak of. However, silver is a better investment! Today the goldConfusedilver ratio is near 1:75...1 ounce of gold = 75 ounces of silver. Historically, that is way off - it should be near 1:15. In other words, no matter how high gold goes, silver will probably increase 300% MORE, based on today's prices.

Even if gold becomes the official money, silver will follow. It's been that way for 1000's of years. Silver is usually the 'commoners money', but this time, with electronic gold, it won't be exactly like that. Real silver coins will be used outside of the new 'electronic system'. Both physical silver and gold will be extremely desirable once governments and banks hold/track most of the real thing in their vaults.

Silver has a clear advantage over gold today though. It's used extensively in technology too. Silver is rare and necessary for our electronics. Available supply is being depleted quickly. Much of it is used in such small amounts that the items are just put into landfills and the silver is lost forever, little by little, but at an ever increasing speed. There isn't much more silver available today than 100 years ago! We are barely keeping up.

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