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Gold won't go very high until our system breaks
As long as gold is traded on exchanges as they are today, gold will not rise very high. Bankers will do ANYTHING to manipulate the paper price of gold DOWN, while they stockpile the limited physical. The system is rigged, where UNLIMITED amounts of gold can be sold, usually during the most illiquid hours, to smash the price. There is no phys gold backing these sell orders - they don't have to deliver any gold to 'buyers' on these exchange 'pricing mechanisms'! They have infinite money to suppress it, and they will, as a high gold prices puts the validity of fiat money in question. They will print 20 trillion USD more, specifically for holding gold down, if that's what it takes. It will come to that. However, when current system does fail, everyone in the dark starts begging for the new gold-backed system (many of them think our money is still backed by gold). Banks already have their vaults full of phys, ready to enslave 99.999% with their new gold-backed blockchain system. The people will be begging for it. It's a good thing, just too bad people don't understand today. I Guarantee it will happen. Accumulate while you still can. Also would like to add: those, calling for ~$5k gold have no idea. Try adding another 0, then some. $50,000+ in today's terms.

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